The New ‘On The Black Carpet” Site



Welcome to our New Address : ON THE BLACK CARPET

URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R will now offer two ways to partner with us. Either VIP Guest list us(which is what we’ve been doing) or purchase a dedicated Media Partnership with us and we’ll use our resources to get the word out about your Upscale Events utilizing our dedicated Network of New Media Sites, as well as, our affiliate sites. The company has a Social Reach of up to 1 million connections via 150+ networks and groups. Our Email database is approaching 10,000 targeted contacts.

URBAN STARZ MEDIA is a hybrid multi-media/P.R firm that provides Media Placement Management, Content Development, Hosting, Sharing and Distribution throughout various platforms. The company owns a Radio Network, IPTV channel & multiple Digital Magazines.

The company works with Independent Artists & Entrepreneurs in providing innovative exposure strategies since 2010.We can also Partner with your Upscale Event to gain pre/post exposure for the venue. Contact Lashaun for more info [SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY] Headquarters are located at 23205 Sunnymead Blvd Ste’s 202 & 203 Moreno Valley California 92553

Let’s Mingle “On The Black Carpet”



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