Spike’s Sports Bar & Grill – Bellflower, CA| Indie Artist Performance Competition

Shout out to DJ Spinn for inviting us out to Spikes to participate in judging a talent showcase 3/24/2013 put on by Positive ENT Network|Urban Soul Radio.


There were 7 acts- a couple really good ones. The competition, from what i understand will be an ongoing showcase and there will be future performance opportunities for the winners. The event handlers did a good job of promoting the event and the artists that performed. Some of them received on-air promotion/plays prior to the AMORE' URBAN STARZ MEDIAcompetition. And, the winner will be announced on Urban Soul Radio as well. It was a good sized crowd with a couple notable individuals. AMORE’ was there!. —>>>

My assistant Sean, was networking as always. He was given tickets to what will be our next event WESTCOAST TURNUP Pt 2.. So- “i have to say it was a good day.”

Overall we enjoyed our time and thanks again to DJ Spinn & DJ Twist for having us!


This was my 2nd time at this venue and i liked the set-up much better this particular night than the 1st time i had visited. The spot has a fairly decent flow to it for this type of showcase. The stageĀ  had a runway to it and during the performances models would come thru, strut their stuff, and then sort of dance off the stage . This added to the visual appeal and added liveliness to the acts.

There was a live band doing sets and there were a couple of nice DJ Mixes to go along with that.

I had my usual Mudslide on the rocks and it was well prepared- strong enough -priced $10. My assistant and i also ordered some chicken wings & fries, they were decent and cost just $6.75.

What i really appreciated about this one- there was generous seating & you didn’t have to pay VIP just to sit down. The event ran about 4 hours- so i was thankful for a good seat!.

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